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Bases d'assurance automobile


The basis of car insurance will help you get the right coverage at a good price. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company. Premiums must be paid by you to the insurance company when you buy a car insurance policy. The insurance company promises to pay the specified losses related to your vehicle, subject to the insurance limit, while the policy applies.

Car Insurance Basics
Auto Insurance Basics

Why need to buy car insurance protection?

Your state requires you to bring the minimum accountability coverage associated with your vehicle. According to the law, if you are involved in an accident where you are guilty, you must pay for property damage and personal injury caused by other people who are not responsible for the accident.

This can include medical costs, lost wages, permanent injuries, loss of pleasure, and suffering and pain. It is very important to be insured adequately because you can be responsible for considerable damage even if you are involved in small accidents.

Various types of car insurance protection

  •     Coverage of collisions paying damage to your vehicle due to collisions with objects or vehicles.
  •     Comprehensive insurance includes most of the losses suffered for reasons other than collisions, such as theft, fire, vandalism, hail, wind, or run to animals.
  •     Automatic obligation coverage will protect you from claims related to property damage or injury caused by you or other people who drive your vehicle with your permission.
  •     Protection of Personal Injury (PIP) is for medical, hospital, and other different costs depending on the country.
  •     The scope of the driver that is not insured / not insured pays injuries and damage caused by other drivers who are not insured or not insured.
  •     Coverage of pulling and assistance on the side of the road pays your vehicle's pulling fee in the event of damage.
  •     Car rental can also be closed if your car is deactivated in an accident and is being repaired.

What can be reduced?

What can be deducted is part of each claim that you have to pay before your insurance company pays for the remaining loss. You can get a lower premium by choosing to have a larger deductible. However, this means that you must bear most of the losses.

Find out about the qualified discount

Your insurance company can offer discounts if you have a clean driving record and have the safety or anti-patterns that are installed on your vehicle. You may meet the requirements for discounts if you have completed a defensive driving course or if you buy automatic coverage and home coverage as a bundle. Discounts are also offered to good students and young people who have completed approved training courses.

You can save hundreds of dollars by understanding the basis of car insurance and shopping for the best offers.

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